May Half Term 2017

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With the half term break coming up now is a great time to pick up some great savings! We’ve checked over the current offers and there should be something for everyone!

Get Creative

Hobbycraft are offering half price deals on colouring kits, paints, play kits and a bunch of other things. You can see everything here: Half of for Half term

Colour in buildings

I love these, they are relatively straightforward to put together and for only £10 the kids are kept busy for hours with the colouring and playing. They come in 4 different styles so there should be something for every taste!

Rocket Playhouse Shop Playhouse Castel Playhouse Fairy Playhouse
Shop Playhouse
great for all future astronauts, and anyone wanting to explore space Stock, buy, sell, haggle and learn to count money just need to add a knight and fire breathing dragon for all snow whites and sleeping beauties

Friendship loop bracelet maker

I can almost guarantee you will be finding rubber bands laying around your house for days after using this but my oldest had great fun. And if you are planning a sleepover it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained and (half way) quiet.


Garden Bug Vacuum

Now the Backyard Safari Lazer Light Bug Vac is supposed to be used in the back garden, but even on a rainy day, the kids still have fun hunting spiders in the house. Which is great for mums and dads that are a little scared of the little 8 legged creeps.

Its’ got a transparent pod, so you call all get to know the creepy crawlies before releasing them back into the wild.

Sit Down and Relax

Get and extra 20% off at musicMagpie. With films, I always thought renting was the best way forward. But with our kids wanting the re-watch the same films over and over and over again, I quickly learned buying is cheaper. If there is one great way to save money when buying, it is buying used items rather than new. And when it comes to DVDs music Magpie is our current go-to site.

With over 3000 family and kids films currently on offer, I’m not going to list them all but I have selected a few of our favourites

Classic Animated Films

The Jungle Book 101 Dalmatians  Bambi Dumbo

Our Current Favourite Animated Films

Frozen The Secret Life of Pets Tangled Paddington

Have a look at the full range as there really is something for everyone.

Go out and enjoy the weather

If by some minor miracle there should be some nice weather, Argos have some family friendly offers on outdoor toys

If the kids want a trampoline, but you don’t want to give up your garden permanently then this bouncy castle is the perfect solution. It’s quick and easy to set up and takes a minute to inflate. And best of all once the kids have finished going crazy it can be deflated and packed away. Leaving space in the garden for other toys!


My Kids love water. However, it’s hardly ever warm enough to make proper use of our paddling pool, but so warm that a water game would be nice. This water fountain is the perfect solution. It cools you in summer, has interchangeable pipes and three different fountains. This really is a great play table and keeps them busy for hours.

Currently, there is an extra £15 off the Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table


Growing up, we had a swing ball. Well, I made my own version of it. It was a stick in the ground with some rope with a tennis ball tied, glued and stapled to it. And an old football on top to stop the rope flying off the stick

I would hammer it into the grass, and we would start playing, if the ball stayed attached, it would be stable for 5 minutes until it wobbled the hole bigger. By the end of summer, you couldn’t walk in out garden at night for fear of falling into one of these holes. And the neighbours weren’t best impressed with frequent visits to retrieve the tennis ball that had gotten loose.

With this all surface swingball there are no more holes in the ground and the ball stays attached! It can be moved around the garden as needed. And the height is adjustable which makes it great for kids of all ages. Currently, Argos are offering £5 off!

Leave it all behind

Don’t want to chance the weather at home? The how about a last minute holiday in Europe!

Situated Near to the Toreilles Plage Beach and with a new pool area opened in 2015 the La Palmeraie holiday park in France is laid back and family friendly.

Best of all Alfresco Holidays are currently offering prices from £147 for a family of 4. Be quick as it’s only this week.

Sandy Beaches not your thing, what about getting back to nature in Austria. Bella Austria is nestled between clear flowing streams, beautiful woodland and snow capped mountains. From gentle hikes to downhill mountain biking, Austria has plenty to offer someone looking for an active holiday and the local team are available to give you ideas and advice to make it the perfect holiday. Currently only £189 when booking for May.

So there you have it, a few ideas to keep you and the kids busy this half term, and you are looking for a deal or great price on anything special please contact us and we’ll try to help you out.


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